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Grammar of the French tongue

Grammar of the French tongue

Kieli:Suomalainen, English
Tunnisteet: Foreign language dictionaries thesauruses  Foreign language study reference  Instruction 
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14 NOV 2019
This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1779 Excerpt: ...plus and mains meeting with a number, are attended by the preposition de: as // a plus de vittgt ans, and never plus que vingt anst 'He is above twenty., Therefore the preposition above before a noun of number must always be rendered into French by plus de. 1. THe prepositions by and than used to join a certain definite quantity to the adnoun or adverb of the comparison, are expressed in French by de: as // eft plus grand de toute la the, He is taller by a whole head. Noussommes plus d'a moitie persuadh, We are more than half convinced. Beaucoup and peu denoting comparison have likewise the particle dt before them: as, // e/l de beaucoup plus grand, He is taller Jy much. Si vous etes plus gros que hti, e'eft de peu, If you are bigger than he, it is by little. 8. The particles comparative ft and ausft, which are always followed by que after the adnoun, are englished,y?and aujjibyJbt before the adnoun, and que, by that or as after it, or by as, both before and after; as,?e ne le croyois pas si brave, or aussi brave qu'z'/ eft, did not think bimso courageous as he is. Eft il si mkhant quVn le dit? Is he so wicked as they fay? Elle eft aussi belle que fa soeur, She is as handsome as her sister Tant and autant, followed likewise by que (as much, so much as) are construed with verbs and nouns, as ft and aujft with adnouns: but aufli gives more force to the comparison than ft: as Elle na pas tant d'isprit que sa soeur, mais elle a autant dt vivacite-, & elle e/l aussi aimable, She has not so much wit as her sister, but she has as much liveliness, and is as amiable as she., fe I'eftime autant que votrefrere, I esteem him as much as your brothec L'un est aussi savant que I'autre, The one is as learned as the other. Si is used in negative propositions, and in aff...

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